Commander’s Corner

Patrick Dowd
19th District Commander


Hello Comrades,

Just want to take a few lines to tell everyone reading this issue that you’re Noisy 19th District is ready to start our year and will make every effort to make this year the best we possibly can. I would like to ask that every Post please send at least one or two officers or representatives to each District Meeting this year 2015-2016 year, and take the information that comes out of each meeting back to your Post and share it with your Post members to keep them up to date on all reports from the Vice Commanders, Finance Officer, Service Officer, any motions voted on or that should include your Posts vote before they get voted on, any upcoming events that are announced and any information that would be shared about any Veterans that have contacted one of our Posts for help. Don’t always depend on the Executive Committeeman to show up at you’re Posts; find out first hand at the District meetings, this is the best communication that works.

I’ll ask that if you’re Post has a event that needs to be advertized quickly, please contact our District Adjutant Louie Adame and he will be sure to send out the message to all Posts and include any and all information you send in your email, and please don’t wait to the last few days, send as soon as you have planned your event. Send to: and Cc: Please include you’re on your list of emails: Jim Hiquera so he can put include this in his FLASH Issue and Joe Young so your event and be included in the Comrades, the more your information can get sent out, your Posts will have a better chance of having a better Legion turnout. These are the best ways our 19th District can communicate, communication is important if you want to have the best chance of making the most profit from your events.

Also if you’re Post have any information you’re Posts feels should be part of the, your officer’s names and positions, their phone number and email address to be contacted by. Please take a look at and see if there is anything you’re post can offer to make this web site the best and most informative web site in the Department. There are plenty of areas to be used so let’s use all of them to our best advantage.

Well, close by saying, LET’S HAVE A GOOD YEAR IN 2015-2016, LET’S ALL MAKE IT WORK.